About me..!!

I have completed Bachelor of technology in Information Technology from southern part of Tamilnadu, India. I had been hanging out with the facebook and twitter for many days and in one fine day i just got an idea of writing up a blog which may be useful to someone around the world and at the same time i didn’t want to limit myself to a particular category. This Blog holds information about the “Random Thoughts” which may be funny and strange at times and also i have included some materials for programming languages like C, C++ and Java to be posted soon. So this blog is named “Random Thoughts“.!! And the caption is “Views here are personal”. I respect each and every individual feelings. So if i hurt anyone unknowingly you can let me know so the content would be removed from the blog.
I Want you too to enjoy all those things so i am putting those things in this blog for you..!!
And please post me comments regarding the post so i can improve myself in future..

Thank you for reading this with patience..!!

Keep Supporting and encouraging me.


5 thoughts on “About me..!!

  1. karthik says:

    Thank u dear for making me realize how to think logical…
    I was learning my net concepts day and night struggling with the code and technology implementation and for every new code pattern my mind gets washed up by seeing that code itself.Let me know how to think logical while coding what parts should i think and till were should i think in depth of the concept or the related.I try thinking but to implement and judge the correct suitable thing it takes time and sometimes i lose hope..
    Please help me.
    This is karthik rao G M.tech CSE passout 2012.

    • aroundtheworld says:

      Thanks Karthik for ur valuable comment first..!! before going into the coding part u should be strong in the basics..!! then think in what ways the problem can be solved and then start with it.. dont lose hope any time… u can overcome it…! thnk computer is an idiot.. u r just ordering it to do things…!! so make the computer to understand what do u need.. for that u need to be strong in the basics…

  2. Hi I’m Pramod Kulkarni, I have completed my B.com in pune. after that i done computer and hardware course. i worked with Wipro and Tata motors as a Hardware network engg. also. But now a days i move in programming, now i work in java, but it’s too difficult to understand me the concept of java and also weak knowledge in logic development.so can u please suggest me the path which i go.i’m wating for your reply and also i give you my email id if any suggestion you tell me it is very benefit me to go ahead.


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